College leadership welcome

Our AIM is to provide the very best education for Palmerston families to give children and youth of Palmerston INFINITE opportunities in our community and GLOBALLY.

As PROUD educational leaders within Palmerston City Schools, we lead as one with students, families and educators. Together our students, our families and our staff build long lasting relationships.

College leadership team

It is with great pride that I introduce Palmerston College to you.

Palmerston College is a co-educational, dual campus secondary college located in the vibrant city of Palmerston. As the secondary campuses within Palmerston City Schools, Palmerston College is for young adults where high standards of academic and vocational learning are fostered, and we AIM to motivate, inspire and challenge students to enjoy balanced academic, artistic, cultural, sporting and community service experiences as they cultivate meaningful future pathways in the Territory and GLOBALLY. We expect our students to develop self-discipline and social responsibility within a supportive learning environment with INFINITE opportunities.

The Years 7 – 9 campus is focused on ensuring that each student has the prerequisite knowledge and skills for senior schooling. Students gain exposure to a broad range of experiences which positions them to make specialisation decisions in the next phase of their schooling.

The Years 10 -12 campus is focused on connecting every student to their preferred post schooling pathway whether it be further education or training or employment. It features comprehensive curriculum pathways that support students to achieve their post-school aspirations whether they are seeking entry into university courses, vocational training courses or employment.

We are proud to celebrate the multicultural and socio-economic diversity of our college community. We proudly stand for learning, caring for one another and discipline based on reciprocal respect and relationships.  We are PROUDLY Palmerston.

Our College’s mission is ‘two campuses, one leadership team, one college to create the secondary college of choice in Palmerston.’  I invite you to find out more about our College of choice on our website or come in for a College Tour.

College Principal, Suzan Healy

Ms Healy is proud to call the Northern Territory her home. She has worked in education for over 36 years and began her career in Queensland working in a range of schools and department including 18 years in leadership roles before moving to the Territory where she worked as principal of Casuarina Senior College, General Manager of Curriculum, Teaching and Phases of Learning and in 2012 she became the principal of Palmerston Senior College.

Diploma Teaching Secondary, Bachelor of Business, Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership, Master of Learning Management (Executive Leadership), Master of Education (Executive Leadership). Professional membership: Australian Council of educational leaders, NT Principal Association, restorative practices institute, Australian Education Union (AEU). Presented at a number of national forums and conference, most recently in 2017, International coaching in education conference.

Head of Campus Years 7-9, to be announced in Term 4

Head of Campus Years 10-12, to be announced in Term 4

Student Leadership Welcome

As College Captains, we are PROUD to welcome students of all abilities and cultural backgrounds to our college. Student voice is represented by College Captains (Year 12), Vice Captains (Year 9), Campus Captains and key groups within our college. We AIM to demonstrate high expectations and we are also leadership mentors within our Palmerston City Schools community. There are INFINITE opportunities to represent the views of student voice at the College, in the Palmerston community, in the education community, at a Territory and state level, as well as GLOBALLY through our international sister schools partnerships.

2017 Student leadership includes:

Years 7-9 Campus

Our Student Voice representatives takes a student leadership role across the college, organising student consultation, actively participate in college decision making, fundraising activities and supporting other worthwhile causes.

Years 10-12 Campus

Our Student Voice representatives takes a student leadership role across the college, organising student consultation, actively participate in college decision making, fundraising activities and supporting other worthwhile causes.


2017 Student engagement and consultation activities.

In establishing Palmerston College we have contributed in a variety of consultation sessions and workshops including:

  • what is important for a dual campus from subject, pathways, policies and support programs
  • mission and vision development
  • designing the logo and uniform and
  • we know there are many more opportunities to come.

Parent Leadership Welcome

Hi I’m Renè Prosser, Joint School Council Chairperson of Rosebery Middle School and Palmerston Senior College. I have four children attending both campuses with Riley in Year 7, Payton in Year 9, Melissa in Year 10 and Ethan in Year 12.

In 2017, I was endorsed as the Chairperson of both School Councils for Rosebery Middle School and Palmerston Senior College. I am joined by a team of parents, students and staff who have been attending Joint School Council meetings this year to work together as one as we transition to Palmerston College.

On behalf of our parents and families, we are extremely PROUD to welcome students, parents and families to our College.

Our AIM is to ensure seamless and connected learning pathways and long term relationships from our Palmerston City Schools primary campuses’ into our secondary pathways at Palmerston College.

There are INFINITE opportunities for parent engagement and involvement at the College. I encourage parents and families to participate at the level they would like to and also encourage you to consider joining the Council.

We will be consulting on the Palmerston College Council constitution this year and we look forward to hearing your views.

If you would like more information on how to get involved please email me at

Joint Council’s chairperson – Renè Prosser

Years 7-9 Campus (Rosebery Middle School)

Parents: Renè Prosser, Danielle Hall, Phil Taylor, Sue Price, Claire Morton, Carina Laguit, vacant

Student: NA (2017)

A/Principal: Krystel Smith

Teacher: Ryan Cockburn, Trudy Bland

Treasurer: Samantha Sowry

Invited member: NIL

Years 10-12 Campus (Palmerston Senior College)

Parent: Renè Prosser, Geraldine Hogarth, Bindi Burnell, Vacant, Vacant

Parent Special Education: Peta Cork

Student: Kieran Davis, Tess Fitzgerald

Principal: Ms Sue Healy

Teacher: Craig Overall

Treasurer: Mary Rose Henry

Invited members: Steve Wheelhouse