College Times

From 2018 both campuses will have a common start time of 8:15am and finishing time of 2:35pm. It is normal practice for school bus routes to be reviewed by Buslink and changed as student numbers and needs change each year and throughout the year.

Term dates for 2018

From 2018, term and semester breaks will be in a 1,3,2,6 model compared to the current 1,4,1,6 model. This means a three week break in June/July and a longer two week break before Term 4, with the Christmas break the same at six weeks. Term 1 will run for 11 weeks, Terms 2 and 3 for 10 weeks and Term 4 for nine weeks.

Semester One Term Dates

Term 1 Monday 29 January – Friday 13 April (Teachers resume Thursday 25 January)
Term break Monday 16 April – Friday 20 April
Term 2 Monday 23 April – Friday 29 June
Semester Break Monday 2 July – Friday 20 July

Semester Two Term Dates

Term 3 Tuesday 24 July – Friday 28 September (Teachers resume Monday 23 July)
Term break Monday 1 October – Friday 12 October
Term 4 Monday 15 October – Thursday 13 December

To find out more about changes to school term dates go to the Department of Education website.