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Achieving, Inspired and Motivated (AIM)

AIM is the program for Achieving, Inspired and Motivated learners.

The AIM Program caters for a select group of high-achieving, motivated students who are inspired to learn. It is a select entry program for students in the Palmerston region. This will build on existing programs in primary schools and provide curriculum pathways to senior secondary courses at Palmerston College.

Learning and Enrichment

The AIM program is designed to:

  • Support and challenge our most academically able students to develop their talents, and excel in a healthy, competitive environment
  • Develop students higher-order thinking skills and allow deeper study into areas of interest
  • Use Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support and personalise learning
  • Develop a broad knowledge base as a pathway to specialisation
  • Develop academic, social and personal resilience
  • Facilitate a smooth transition into secondary studies, and future learning pathways

AIM program Selection Criteria

  • Strong academic performance across learning areas in primary school
  • Evidence of academic engagement and growth
  • Demonstration of motivation to learn
  • High level results from the online AGAT Test conducted at Palmerston College
  • AIM – Year 7 to Year 9
    Years 7 to 9 AIM builds on from enriched curriculum pathways in primary school. Students develop higher-order thinking skills and deeper study into areas of choice.
  • AIM – Year 10 to Year 12
    Year 10 to 12 AIM focuses on inspiring, motiving and challenging students to aim for the highest Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR). Achieving a 90+ ATAR gives students the best opportunity to be accepted into their university of choice and prepare them for a successful future. Acceleration includes:

    • Year 10 students Semester 1 – Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan and Semester 2 Stage 1 subjects tailored to the students pathway.
    • Year 11 students have a choice of Stage 2 subjects (yearlong subject), tailored to the students pathway, as well as Research Project B (giving student advanced standing at CDU). Commencing Stage 2 course in Year 11 can lighten the study load in Year 12 giving students more time to study and achieve the highest ATAR.
    • Year 12 students have a choice of Stage 2 subjects tailored to their pathway.

How do I apply?

 AIM is a select entry program. Students can apply for a limited number of places at each year level. Selection into the program is based on test results, past academic performances (evidence through school reports) and panel assessment of application and an interview. Students are required to complete general knowledge aptitude test to ascertain their Stainine Score.

To apply Complete the online application form and our Centre For excellence AIM Coordinator will be in touch.