14 Feb. 2020

Year 12 PFES Cadet, Jacob Brookhouse gave up his own personal time and holidays to go south to help fight the Fires.

For a while I had been hearing all the devastating news about the fires in NSW, I felt useless and wanted to do something to help these people. On the 1st of January 2020, I put my hand up to volunteer my time to assist the NTFRS (Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service) with the first of three deployments to New South Wales to alleviate many of the exhausted RFS (Rural Fire Service) volunteers who have been fighting the devastating fires for months. This was my first deployment, which was a great experience as I had an amazing crew to work with and I had the opportunity to experience how to handle and prepare for fires this large. If I had the opportunity to go down there again I would, it was such a great experience however it was also sad seeing all the devastation behind.