28 Feb. 2019

Letter to Families re School Operations Today


Dear Families

Yesterday we were advised that some of our teachers did not have current Ochre Cards. This is a result of a backlog in processing Ochre Card renewals through SafeNT and Territory Families.

Please be assured that all teachers are required to have valid Ochre Cards, which is part of our recruitment process and is also something that continually monitor and review throughout each school year.

As it is a legal requirement for all teachers to have current, valid Ochre Cards to engage with children in a school setting, some of our teachers were required to perform duties outside of the classroom today.

To ensure that all students were adequately supervised and engaged in learning, we delivered alternative teaching programs.

The Department of Education is working with SafeNT and Territory Families to have these applications fast tracked, so that we can resume our normal classroom activity.

Please be assured that no teachers were sent home or worked without pay today.

If you have any questions in relation to this, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Sue Healy
College Principal