State of the art facilities

Palmerston College is a modern, purpose built secondary college has two dedicated campuses on spacious grounds.

Our custom built facilities allow students to immerse themselves in College life, allowing them to explore and enrich their areas of interest. From the traditional classroom environment, to the laboratories and sports grounds to the special education centre, our students have all the physical resources at hand to explore where their talents lie.

Whether student’s interests be academic, sporting or artistic in nature, our aim is to foster an environment that challenges, engages and extends our students. A primary goal at College is to prepare and assist our students for their future study options, workforce or career.

Learning areas at the Years 7-9 Campus are in a number of innovative Learning Hubs and Neighbourhood per year level or specialist programs, Where as at the Years 10-12 Campus the facilities cater for young adults with dedicated learning areas or specialization.

Careers Centre
Commercial & Home Economics
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Music Room and Recording Studio
Science Laboratories
Theatres, Dance Studios
Visual Arts
Oval and Basketball Courts
Special Education Centre
Pathways & Autism Centre

Campus maps

Years 7-9 Campus
Years 10-12 Campus